When carrying out various activities provide consulting services on security issues. We provide an intervention itself with providing the full range of security services.

Maintenance is carried out in the city of Bishkek and the regions. To material assets have been delivered on time and intact, requires coordinated work of the enterprise services and security agencies. Experience our agency will clearly organize the work, to make the optimal route of movement in the accompaniment. Your goods will be delivered safe and sound!

Selection and installation of burglar and fire alarms, video surveillance systems. Experience in installation of different signaling systems allows us to pick up and set the optimal signaling complex with the requirements of clients and conditions. The quality of our agency has been repeatedly confirmed the identification of security problems to the earliest signs, prevention of theft of inventory and the development of dangerous situations.

In the physical protection of facilities help clients in the organization access control, organize work, taking into account the movement of inventories.

The implementation of personal protection by armed officers who have undergone special training and have the appropriate certificate. With experience in law enforcement agencies, special units.